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2013 Leelanau Summer Music Festival

June 19, Wednesday, 8 pm

"The Verdehr Trio "

After thirty brilliant seasons, 2013 will be their last. The Verdehrs created the Violin-Clarinet-Piano Trio as a standard chamber ensemble by commissioning music for their combination of instruments from composers worldwide, performing the new music, and recording it on dozens of superb CD?s.

We are honored to have one of the great ensembles of our time join us for one of their last concerts.

July 7, Sunday, 3pm

Quartet for the End of Time

"Quatuor pour la fin du temps", also known by its English title ?The Quartet for the End of Time? by the French mystic Olivier Messiaen is the 20th century?s most profound musical statement of Christian spirituality. This masterpiece was premiered in 1941 while Messiaen was held prisoner during World War II. He sketched the music after obtaining pencil and paper from a sympathetic guard.

Inspired by the Biblical Book of Revelation, this music carries the listener beyond the horrors of a dread Apocalypse, through the splendor of the Catholic liturgy, among the vivid colors of nature's song in the Next World, to a vision of Christ timeless, beyond tears.

You will be awed and uplifted.

August 3, Saturday , 8pm

"The Daniel Quinn Guitar Trio"

The Daniel Quinn Guitar Trio is a new group formed in 2011. After a successful first season of concerts in Indiana and Michigan, the original duo was expanded to include guitarist Phil Schurger for several performances that were met with resounding affirmation by audiences. Our program will feature solo, duo, and trio music ranging from traditional Spanish compositions by Albeniz, Grandos, and Turina to works in more contemporary styles by Brazilian composer Fernando Sor, Australian Peter Sculthorpe, and even some by the multi-talented Charlie Chaplin.

You will be amazed by three guitar virtuosos at once!

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